Other Images #1
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Click on either the 16:9 for a widescreen image, or the 4:3 for a 'full' screen image more suited to older style monitors. Only the 16:9 images are shown below, 4:3 images will be cropped to fit.

This was intially a test of a new 55-250mm camera lens, and is the first time I was able to pick up crater detail on the moon.

Snowy Path.

Moon. Similar to the above, this image was intended as a lens test of a new 100-400mm telephoto lens.

Autumn Leaves.

Trees within the grounds of Lincoln castle.

Observatory tower at Lincoln castle.

Steps to Lucy Tower. This was built after the first battle of Lincoln that took place in 1141.

Inside Lucy Tower. Originally built as a point of last stand, it was later used as a graveyard for executed criminals.

Bust of King George III in the grounds of Lincoln Castle. This is actually part of what was once a larger statue.

West face of Lincoln Cathedral.