Other Images #2
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Click on either the 16:9 for a widescreen image, or the 4:3 for a 'full' screen image more suited to older style monitors. Only the 16:9 images are shown below, 4:3 images will be cropped to fit.

East face of Lincoln Cathedral.

Bishops Eye at Lincoln Cathedral.

South side of Lincoln Cathedral at night.

Mark IV tank by the name of 'Flirt' at the museum of Lincolnshire Life. Lincoln was were the first tanks were designed and built.

Mark IV tank frontal view. The mark IV had enhanced armour and safety features over the original mark I

German field gun from world war I, at the museum of Lincolnshire Life.

Traction engine on display at the museum of Lincolnshire Life.

Forest walk.

Cloud Fire. This was taken after a day tracking animals. Although sunset, I think this looks like a column of fire.